New Comic: In which I learn what I did and didn't get better at since fourth grade.

Latest comic is done! It's about my fourth grade best friend / first crush and I trying to leave Earth and reclaim our destiny as Star Princesses. You can read the whole thing here for now and it will also be in Bisexual Trials and Errors: 3. 

back to the star planet3.jpg

I had remembered Sailor Moon being SO HARD to draw, because I hadn't really tried since 1998 -- it turns out my rendering skills have dramatically improved. 

But other things haven't changed at all -- like my desire for closeness to one particular person at a time, and the series of gestures I make to win that person over. 

After drawing this I thought maybe it would be better if tried to win people over by just being awesome and hanging out with them. I'll let you know how this goes.

Also, check out these amazing videos from the late 1990s -- I listened to lots of them while making this comic to get me back in touch with that time and place. My heart is jumpin, it's easy to see: 

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