Single Page Comics

At San Francisco Pride, a diverse set of voices

From the time I first moved to the Bay Area, I've been going to San Francisco Pride to meet people, hear their stories and draw. This year, I asked Pride-goers in Dolores Park before the Dyke March what the occasion means to them. Please turn on your sound to hear the stories. Published on The and the Washington Post website.


Preview: It’s Been a Decade Since Prop 8. Marriage Equality Isn’t Enough.

I drew a twenty panel comic for The Nib about the decade in queer rights since Prop 8 passed. Please check out the whole comic in its original form here. 

Remembering Parkland

I created this comic in February 2019 to remember the activists who spoke out after the Parkland shooting. It ran in The Lily, a publication of the Washington Post

Preview: The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors

A preview of The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors, (Northwest Press, Nov 2017.) 



Make Mine Marvel in McCabe

I was commissioned by Swarthmore College to create this comic and inside page for their alumni magazine.

Goodnight Lex: A short comic-tribute