WinNIng the MoTh!

In addition to drawing and making cartoons, I also love telling super personal stories in front of hundreds of people. A LOT. The stage makes me feel very at home. 

That being said I was still surprised and honored to win a Moth Story SLAM at the Berkeley Freight and Salvage last Wendesday. The laughter and "mms" of acknowledgement as I was telling my story -- which was about getting punched in the face by a random woman on the street and then needing to find the pieces of my glasses -- made me feel like I was creating something out of that destructive experience. I was moved that you (listeners) were moved. Thank you very much.

I will be performing at the Moth GrandSLAM in October at the Castro Theater, and at BAWDY storytelling at the Verdi Club tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Elizabeth BeierComment