I am going to make open-sourced art for everyone resisting Trump. The Queers #Resist sign is my first, but more to come! Please download either the 8.5x11 one or the square one for your sign or facebook usage. You can also download the original vector files if you want to download them bigger or smaller. #RESIST! Link is HERE

CLimate FOols 2015 Throwback ANIMAtion

This afternoon, I was looking back at the light animation work I did for Forecast the Facts on April Fools Day 2015 (now I was pointing out how likely contenders for president were climate deniers. Donald Trump didn't enter the race until two months later, and now these more standard Republicans look... well, quaint in comparison. I hope Trump, who says climate change is a "hoax" invented by the Chinese, doesn't make fools of us all.

ABOUT my Font

See how in my blog post titles, there are two versions of each letter? It's not a Squarespace font, it's my own handwriting, which I painstakingly made into a font. I achieve the variation with upper and lowercase letters programmed, even though they all appear to be upper case. I stole this trick from the wonderful Alison Bechdel :)

Climate Truth EMail Graphic

I recently designed this nifty graphic for, explaining how and what Exxon knew about climate change for decades. I'm proud that this went out to their list and the response has been positive. I hope to create more cartoony emails in the future.